Shako Plate 1815 Pattern Eagles and Standards
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The 1815 pattern standards were presented to the Army on 1 June, 1815. They are 120 cm square. There was only a limited distribution, with only two being presented to the infantry of the guard (First Regiments of the Grenadiers and Chasseurs). Most of these colors were destroyed in September 1815. The pattern of the guard standards, the staff, the cravats and gold cords were all the same as the 1812 pattern. Some references indicate that the inscriptions were the same, but the examples here cast some doubt on that position.
The line colors were much larger than before - 120 cm square - and much simpler in design as can be seen from the photo below.

Bottom Left: Model 1815 Flag from the 85th Line Infantry Regiment. Carried in the Waterloo campaign, First Corps, Durette's Division.

Right side, Top: Model 1815 standard of the 5th Cuirassiers (Farine's Brigade, Delort's Division) carried at Waterloo.
On the reverse side are the following distinctions:

Right side, middle: Standard of the Regiment of Horse Artillery of the Guard, Model 1815 (reverse). Standard was present at Waterloo. This is the sole Model 1815 Old Guard standard existing today. The standard is 120 CM square. It is thought that all six standards of the Guard units from the 100 days were exactly the same as this one surviving example. There is no salutation or any indication of which unit owned the color. The only inscription is the list of honors - some of which are rather strange:
On the visible side are the following distinctions:
Berlin, Madrid
Milan, Moskowa
Le Caire