Eagle Shako Plate Imperial Garde
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Habit-veste; The card with this item in the museum indicates that it is a habit for a Driver, Train des Equipages de la Garde (reglement of 1812). But the colors are "fond bleu de ciel, revers bleu imperial", rather than the expected steel blue coat with brown facings(1998).
A note from Col. Elting on 5/23/97 indicates that this habit is from the Train d'Artillerie. Red braid indicates that it is the 1st Regt. of the artillery train. Pre-1808 red braided shoulder straps were worn instead of epaulets. The Chapeau is partially visible at the top of the image.(1998)
Photo showing rear of habit, with vertical red-braided pockets, dark blue turnbacks, and red grenades.(1998)